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If you’ve been paying attention to current events, then you know there’ve been many conversations about sustainability and climate change happening. Textile production is part of it, so we're reflecting on the role we play as a tiny textile brand. 

Fashion is changing. Some fast fashion brands are filing for bankruptcy, some high end designers are passing on fashion week because of the waste it inevitably creates, and consumers are demanding the industry change and adapt. Like us, others are questioning if fashion season are even relevant anymore. We believe all colors can and should be worn year around. We’re proud of the bandanas and scarves we already have in our shop, so instead of adding new products just for the sake of it, we asked ourselves what colors we felt were missing from our offerings. 

We won’t lie - it's tempting to constantly add new designs to our shop because new product launches create excitement and drive website traffic. That said, adding new textiles for those reasons doesn’t align with our values and mission. 

The monsoon in India this year lasted almost a month longer than years past. (You can read more here about how pollution and climate change are affecting the rainy season there).  This weather shift significantly delayed production and required us to rework our production calendar. The block printing family we partner with has a block printing space on their farm, which is also where our textiles hang to dry on long lines outside under the hot Rajasthani sun. During the monsoon rains, our textiles cannot dry and the accompanying humidity prevents certain dyes and resist mediums from setting properly. Sure, we can change how we produce our textiles but we are committed to the community people who work with us. They rely on a few different brands for work, but still - how will our business decisions affect the community of block carvers, printers, dyers, stitchers, and washers who rely on steady work?

Our production process also works better when we are able to go to India personally. Although this is always a highlight of our year (We eat the best kulfi! We see family!), flying across the world increases our carbon footprint and frankly, it’s expensive and tiring. We’ve reduced our trips to India from two to three a year to one annual trip, and we’re shifting our production schedule, keeping the longer rainy season in mind. 

That being said, we’ve been working hard on thoughtful new designs for 2020 and planning on launching new collections throughout the year. We hope to continue thinking about these topics and growing. As always, we are open to your input about new products and things you’d like to see from us! We’ve had requests for square scarves and placemats so far...

Thank you for reading and please know that we deeply appreciate your support of our small brand! We hope our textiles bring you lasting joy. 

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  • Thank you for sharing! I love supporting companies who are taking the steps to be more sustainable

    Jess Bailey on

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