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Winter is over (even on Game of Thrones!).  The trees are blooming, heavy coats have been put away, and you’ve just done your spring cleaning. Now it’s time to have your friends and family over and enjoy the longer days over a slow meal. 

Even in a city like New York with restaurants on every block, there’s nothing like entertaining in your own space - no lines to wait on, no time limit on how long you can sit at a table, and an altogether more intimate, cozy experience. Whether you have a house with a backyard or you’re like us and live in a walk-up with no outdoor space, you can make any space festive and inviting with a few tips. 

Flowers. If you have a backyard full of blooming trees or flower bushes, go ahead and harvest some for the table. Otherwise, buy some seasonal flowers to bring the color inside. Go for impact over quantity. Keep the stems long in a single tall vase for a dramatic look, or cut the stems short and divide amongst smaller bud vases.  Cut the stems at an angle under running water and change the water in the vases daily to make the flowers last longer. 

Fruit.  What’s the best part of spring and summer besides the warmer weather? The abundance of fruit! Use whatever is in season and accessible to you - berries, melon, oranges. Fruits are an affordable way to spruce up a table, they are a no-waste form of decoration, and they are fun to style. Pile oranges onto a beautiful ceramic plate or cut melons in half and use them as part of the centerpiece until it's time for dessert. 

Servingware. We use our everyday white plates to set the table, but serve food on a mix of more interesting ceramics from our collection. Some of our favorites are from Dina No and Sarah Kersten.

. If you follow us on Instagram, you know we love collecting candles and candle holders. Normally, they’re displayed on our shelves but we bring them out for entertaining. Candle holders are a fun way to express your design style and add texture to the table (vintage brass, minimal lucite, hand crafted ceramic, marble, wood). We love beeswax taper candles in unexpected colors, such as pink or red. The ceramic one below is from Sin and the brass candlesticks are vintage. 

. You know where this is going! Table linens are an easy way to add color and pattern. They’re also machine washable and therefore reusable.

Our textiles are designed to be mixed and matched. You can go with a table runner if you want an anchor piece or want to up the decor on a simpler table, or skip the runner and just use cloth napkins for a pared down look. You can set the napkins on the plates, folded into a rectangle or triangle, to show off the pattern. Our napkins are oversized at 18 x 18” so go ahead and use them as placemats if you want. You can also use our napkins to cover bread or protect fruit. 
Table linens are a wonderful host gift because they're the gift that keep on giving and you don't know have to know your host's exact design style. They're also an easy way to incorporate pattern into your life without making a big commitment. Shop our hand block printed linens here


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